Alor Setar Tower

Alor Setar Tower

Alor Setar Tower (Malay: Menara Alor Setar) is a 165.5 m (543 ft) telecommunication tower in Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia. The tower officially opened its door to visitors on 14th August 1997. Apart from serving the role of a telecommunication tower, it also caters as a tourist destination for the town.

Observation area on the 88 Meter Level will enable visitors to enjoy the panoramic view of Alor Star. In this area there are 5 sets of automatic binoculars, souvenirs cum money changer and ice cream shop.

A visitor can use binoculars to enjoy a breathtaking view that strerches from Gunung Jerai to Gunung Keriang and the vast stretch of padi fields that lie in between the two mountains.

The tower is an observatory tower to look for the crescent moon to mark the beginning of Muslim months such as Ramadhan, Shawwal and Zulhijjah, to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Hari Raya Aidiladha respectively.

The Revolving Restaurant at the Alor Setar Tower, one of Kedah's finest, featured unforgettable food combined with a magnificent revolving view of Kedah more than 94 metres below.

Alor Setar Tower mirrors Kedah's infinitive rapids development whilst still retaining its glorious heydays of laid-back yet productive and balanced lifestyle that is prominently displayed through its unique architecture is the prowess and her futuristic, high-tech tenacity.

Getting There

Alor Setar Tower is located at city center and can be easily access from every location in the city. Taxi and vehicle from respective hotels are available at your conveniences. Car and motorcycles rental are recommended for those possesses valid license. Car and motorcycles rental are mostly placed at the airport and hotels. All are at reasonable and affordable price.



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