The Johor Zoo

The Johor Zoo

Formerly known as Kebun Binatang, Johor Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in Malaysia. The 5 hectare extended zoological park has hundreds of species of various birds and mammals, and a pleasant escapade for nature and wildlife enthusiasts.

Spot numerous endangered species of flamingos, lions, Asian elephants, crocodiles, gorillas and multi-color birds at the Johor zoo. The zoo was established by His Royal Highness Almarhum Sultan Sir Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Sir Abu Bakar of Johor in 1928 as the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. Johor Zoo served its purpose of a private zoological gardens to the royal family, which was later opened to the public in 1962. 

Zoo Johor, Malaysia

Activities at Johor Zoo

Prosper a Picnic: Johor Zoo has a turf of green lungs in form of grasslands around the zoo, with beautiful benches around where one could use the facility for honoring a good picnic at the zoological park with their family. 

Spotting The Endangered: The Zoological Park of Johor has more than a hundred kinds of species of animals and birds along with a rare few belonging to the endangered species. One could spot various animals like Wild Cats, Flamingoes, Indo-Chinese Tiger, White Elephants, Lions, Crocodiles, Gorillas, Camels, Bears, Wallabies, Tapir, Swans, Iguana, Seladang, Deer, Hippopotamus, Chimpanzees etc. and more. 

Paddle Boat: The entrance of the zoo is adorned with a beautiful small lake surrounded by beautiful flora around it that houses countless birds.

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How to Reach Johor Zoo

Located in the heart of Johor Bahru at Jalan Gertak Merah, Johor Zoo is a short drive from the city center.

Taxi: The zoo is located approximately 5 minutes away from the city center of Johor Bahru City Square. Hire a cab or taxi available around the city. A one way taxi ride would cost around RM 9 to RM 11.4 depending on the route one chooses to travel. 

Shuttle Bus: Board the public shuttle bus service provided by the Malaysian Government. Board any bus that heads towards Bukit Indah, Kulai or Selesa Jaya from opposite of the Johor Bahru City Square at Jalan Wong Ah Fook, that makes stoppage at the Johor Zoo for a mere expense of RM 1 for a single trip.

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