Gunung Keriang

Gunung Keriang

Gunung Keriang Recreational Park is located 7 km away from Alor Setar city. In order for you to enter the caves inside the prehistoric site of Mount Keriang, you will need to climb approximately 100 metres above the ground from the starting point at the park. After the hike, you will reach dramatic entrance of the caves and greeted by karst landscapes where you can start your exploration.

Every cave enthusiast should make time to discover the cave options within the vicinity of Gunung Keriang such as Gua Jutawan, Gua Tanduk Rusa, Gua Buaya, Gua Komunis, Gua Angin and Gua Cepiar. All these caves have varied structures, formations as well as distinctive myths and history of each which can be interestingly told if you come here on a guided tour. For instance, if you go to Gua Buaya, you can see the rock formations resembling the shape of a crocodile or in Malay known as buaya.

It will be pitch black as you go deeper into the cave and helmet with headlamp certainly necessary to occupy your whole adventure inside. Certain parts of your caving journey will require you either to crawl or weave depending on path and cave structures. Along your journey, be sure to look up to see the sparkly ceilings in some of the caves to see hints of the crystal formations. You will reach the end of your caving trip at the west of Mount Keriang.

  • Helmet
  • Headlamp
  • Appropriate sport or hiking shoes
  • Long pants and long sleeves tee
  • Street market
  • Children playground
  • Accommodation options
Couple , Friends , Family , Group
  • Wear helmet with headlamp. As you go deeper into the cave, it will be pitch dark and some of the cave has low ceiling which might be dangerous and could cause head injury if you are unaware.
  • Crawling and body weaving are some of the movements you will have to do to stabilise your body throughout certain narrow paths. Ensure proper stretching are done prior the cave entrance to avoid any cramps.
  • Since the rock formations here can be sharp, it is best to wear suitable outdoor gears especially sturdy hiking shoes or local rubber boots that can be found in markets nearby town for cheap.
  • Some of the caves inside are muddy, especially Gua Jutawan and if you don’t like to get your clothes dirty, you may skip this particular cave trip.
  • For more adventures, hike up Mount Keriang. You will find a mesmerizing paddy field view from uphill after half a hiking trip of roughly 2 hours. However, be careful of the slopes on the hillside and watch your steps as the sharp rock surface along your hiking path can be dangerous.
  • There are souvenir shops can be found at the park entrance that sells extracted crystal from the caves. It is believed to have magical powers and benefits on health, healing and love. They make great and thoughtful souvenirs too!



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