Teluk Chempedak

Teluk Chempedak

Located merely 5km away from Kuantan city, Teluk Chempedak is one of the local hot spots to chill and enjoy a relaxing evening by the beach. Due to that, you can find plenty of shops, restaurants, kiosks and other facilities offered here for your convenience.

Here, you can find plenty of water sports activities to try out such as the banana boat and jet ski. If you do not fancy those thrilling rides, planning a picnic trip here would be great too. Bring your kids to try out some kite flying by the many stalls renting and selling kites by the beach. The windy surrounding makes it a nice place to learn kite-flying too.

During the weekends, Teluk Chempedak is more lively and locals will fill up the place while spending time with their friends and family. This beach is also known to offer nightlife highlights such as shows from local buskers and performing bands. Enjoying a stroll here by the beach at night accompanied by calming music would be a great idea to end your day too!

Other things to do here?

Instead of staying put at one place or sunbathing, you can also walk to the bridge that leads you to the other side of the beach and explore the whole area of Teluk Chempedak. Here, you can try out authentic local dishes of Pahang at the many restaurants nearby.

What to bring home?

The shops by the beach and nearby Teluk Chempedak by the roadside offers souvenirs and small gifts in abundance for you to bring home. Be sure to grab a couple of seashells and cute keychains too!

Who should I travel with?

Couple , Friends , Family , Group

Getting around

You can get here by car or a cab as it is only 5km from the town centre. If you are coming from Kuantan, go towards the east direction to Jalan Sisik and go all the way to the end until you reach Jalan Teluk Chempedak

Insiders’ tips

  • The best time to visit here will be in the evening and night as most of the stalls there open from 5.00pm.
  • Bring hats and put on your sunblock due to the hot weather, unless you plan to get a tan.
  • Be careful of your own belongings, there are monkeys around the beach area and they might be attracted to food or anything that are unattended.
  • Do not litter! Please make sure to keep the beach clean.
  • Most of the shops and kiosks here are closed during the month of Ramadhan.
  • It is not recommended to swim here during rainy season or the monsoon season as the waves are huge and could be dangerous.



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